Posh Little Tutus Giveaway on Village of Moms

My friend Valerie runs a website called Village of Moms. They have been doing some great giveaways lately and I've entered for some of them (I need to win the babylegs so I can feed my addiction without paying for more!) but the one she is doing today is just so ridiculously cute it's almost unbearable. Posh Little Tutus sent her the most adorable outfit. Here is her daughter, Shea, in it. So I'm writing this blog for 2 reasons. First of all, I want 3 extra chances to win this one that they are giving away. Wouldn't Olivia be so cute in it?! And second of all I want to ask those of you that have known me for a while - when did I become a person that would love to put their kid in something like this? I never would have expected it of myself. Never. And yet here I am blogging in the hopes of upping my chances to win!


She would look adorable! I also entered the giveaway, along with the diaper one! I am hoping for a win. She has a lot of great giveaways!
Anonymous said…
good luck-may the baby "force" be with you!!!
Aunt Barb said…
I think it all started when you had to have that certain diaper bag... :)

Good luck - I hope you win!

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