Just in the past couple of weeks Olivia seems to be much more aware of Piper.  Olivia loves petting Piper and now will watch her as she moves around the room.  It's funny because as crazy as Piper can be when people come over, she's actually a pretty calm dog when she's just around the house with us.  She is also laid-back around Olivia, for which we are very thankful.  Lately she has taken to laying down right by Olivia, sometimes right in the path of O's kicking feet.  She never seems to mind much when Olivia kicks her or puts her feet on her.  Most of the time she lays down so that her back is cuddled up to Olivia - it's so super cute but I haven't managed to get a picture yet.  I have high hopes that this will continue and they will become real buddies as Olivia grows up.
I'm so thankful that Piper has never acted aggressive or even very jealous.  While I was pregnant I was a bit worried that we would have to get rid of Piper because our friends had a very sweet dog that they had to get rid of because the dog was aggressive towards their baby.  It would have been really hard to have to find a new home for Piper and give her away so we're blessed that so far we are good! 
Piper being used as a footrest.
Olivia gets to pet Piper with a little help from Daddy.
Piper tries to kiss Olivia but is thwarted by Daddy.
***Disclaimer:  For those of you that don't know, I'm actually a very nervous person when it comes to mixing dogs and kids.  Too many times when a dog bites a kid it's because they were pulled, poked, or prodded and the fault really lies with the parents not properly supervising or teaching the kid how to behave around animals.  So rest assured (Mom) that we NEVER leave Olivia and Piper alone together and that we are very careful about letting them interact.***


Anonymous said…
So glad that Piper is so gentle with the little "O" Such good photos!!Luv you!!

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