Eye Appointment and First Swim!

Working on tummy time.  She still isn't a fan, but it's getting better.

Trying out her first pair of Baby Legs.  I already love them!  So convenient!

First time in her new pool!  She loves water!

Cuddling to warm up after her swim!

It's been a fun last few days in the Tandy household.  Yesterday Lindsey was kind enough to watch Olivia so that I could go to an eye doctor appointment.  Olivia took a nice nap for her and generally did really well.    Apparently when Zoey awoke from her nap and saw my diaper bag she knew Olivia was there somewhere!  I just love how much Hadley and Zoey seem to love Olivia.  My appointment went well and I only had a slight change in my prescription but I decided to get some new glasses anyway.  Olivia has started grabbing my glasses from time to time so I decided it might not be a bad idea to have an extra pair around the house!  I always think it's silly that I have to pick out new frames after they have dilated my pupils, so I'm hoping I still like them when they arrive.  While I was at the doctor's office I saw a pamphlet on free infant eye screenings.  There is an organization that provides a one-time free eye screening for 6-12 month olds and as it turns out my eye doc participates.  For those of you who are interested you can find a local participating doc at http://infantsee.org/.   I just thought that was pretty cool.
After my appointment I picked up Olivia and headed to Wal-Mart.  She was perfect the entire time, which was very nice for me.  We then picked up Glenn from work and ran through Subway real quick because I worked at the library for a few hours last night.  I really enjoyed my time at the library.  I shelved books quickly and then had time to read magazines and look for a new book to bring home.  It's just so peaceful there!  By the time I got home Olivia was already in bed, which felt a little strange, but it was nice to just have some time to hang out with Glenn then before bed.
While at Wal-Mart I picked up a $5 baby pool and some Little Swimmers diapers.  I figured as much as Olivia loves her bath that she would love a pool.  Glenn filled it up last night so that it would be warm tonight.  The water wasn't bad but it was really windy so she didn't last too long before she was shivering.  She never did fuss though and she seemed to like splashing a bit.
So I am officially crazy about Baby Legs and as you can see from the picture above Olivia doesn't mind them either.  They are a brand of leg warmers for babies.  I'd been eying them for a while and then they had a great sale last weekend (combining specials I got them at around 70% off) so I broke down and bought some for Olivia and some as baby gifts.  They are great because they have all the benefits of pants (protecting knees when crawling, keeping babies warm) but are a lot easier for diaper changes.  They also have the advantage of being super cute!  It's so handy to throw them on Olivia when she's wearing a onesie.  I like them so much that I've decided to get a pair of white ones so that I don't have to deal with tights under her dresses for church.  It's nice too that they can be used for years and even as arm warmers for older kids.  That's how I'm justifying my purchases anyway. 


You are preaching to the choir about baby legs, I LOVE THEM!!! They are just as you said convenient and oh so cute.
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