Gratituesday: 8 Years

Today is our wedding anniversary. All the things I want to say sound cliche, but maybe I'll do say some of them anyway. I really cannot believe how quickly the time has gone - 8 years of marriage + 2 years of dating = 1/3 of my life! We've certainly had some rough times but most of our marriage, especially the last couple of years, have been happy ones. We've both grown up a lot since our wedding day - sometimes I feel like we weren't really ready to get married, that we didn't fully understand the whole scope of what we were undertaking, but I don't regret it. I remember people asking me if I was nervous to get married. I wasn't. I remember thinking, "Okay, I've made my decision and now I just had to make it work from here on out." Sometimes that determined (some may say stubborn) streak I have can come in pretty handy when I choose to use it for the right things! For us divorce is not an option so we just have to do the best we can, even when we don't like each other very much.
I'm so grateful for everything we have been through and the way we have grown because of it! I'm so grateful to have a husband that loves me and cares enough to help me be a better person! Thanks be to God for helping us make it this far!


Anonymous said…
i couln't have said it better even if I have a few more years of wedded"BLISS"
Stacia Hamidi said…
YEA! Congrats! So glad you are having good times right now and that you have such a strong commitment!

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