O's First Easter

Last year during Easter weekend we found out that I was pregnant with Olivia. This year was even better because we got to celebrate with our little bundle of (mostly) joy! We headed into Lincoln to Nolan and Barb's and had a wonderful time with the family. Lots of good food (as always) and beautiful weather are an amazing combination. I managed to not overeat too much, which is quite a feat considering the offerings! The kids played outside and the adults relaxed on the patio. Olivia took a nap inside with her great-aunt Amy and then slept almost the entire way home too.

Olivia got some soft blocks and a board book about colors from the Easter Bunny this year in her spiffy new basket.

She wasn't as interested in her Easter presents as she was in trying to put her dress in her mouth. She loved being held by different people and was only a little crabby all things considered. Here she is with Dama (Grandma) Julie.

Here she finally gets to put her dress in her mouth while Tristan holds her. I can remember baby-sitting him when he was her age (and this makes me feel old).

When we finally got home yesterday evening she was so tired out. She went to bed a whole hour earlier than normal! I guess it was just a big day! She's been napping well today so far so she must still be pretty worn out. We have a big week ahead - she's going to need all the sleep she can get!


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