Favorite Things: Peanut Brittle Ice Cream

I used to really love ice cream. I get it from my dad. He loves the stuff. He can't eat pie or cake without ice cream (he reiterated this to me this weekend). The last few years though I haven't been as much into ice cream, but I may have found something that gets me hooked again. Normally I would go for something with chocolate but I'm really loving the peanut brittle ice cream I found at Wal-Mart. It's from Ben and Jerry's (of course it is, who else comes up with flavors like this) and it is soooooo good! I was sad on Sunday because all of the peanut brittle my mother-in-law made for Easter got eaten before Glenn and I could get any. I then went grocery shopping and decided to check out the ice cream. I rarely do this anymore but for some reason I did that day and low and behold, there it was! I hesitated for all of 3 seconds before grabbing a pint and I'm so glad I did. It's one of the new flavors out. I'd also like to try the new "Milk and Cookies" flavor one of these days...after I finish off the second pint of peanut brittle flavor I bought tonight.
If you like peanut brittle (or butter brickle ice cream), check this flavor out. Dad, you'd love it!


Anonymous said…
Grandpa Sabata's favorite was butter brickle so matbe this was a natural for you.

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