Gratituesday: The Weather

Lately I have been so grateful for the beautiful weather. It seemed like we had such a long, grey winter. Olivia couldn't really go anywhere and I felt so...trapped. Now we go for a walk pretty much ever day that the weather allows, which has been the majority of the time lately. We go to the library, the grocery store, the post office, and sometimes the bank or hardware store. I don't always even get anything at the library or the grocery store, but we go and say hi to the people working there. The librarians especially love seeing Olivia and finding out how she is doing. We've even gone to the park and sat for a while enjoying the great outdoors.
The last few days we have been going for evening walks with Glenn and Piper. Olivia LOVES going for walks. When she is fussy we head outside and she calms right down. Glenn, Piper, and I get a little exercise and we all get some fresh air...and get to keep our sanity.

Here are some happy faces from our walk last night.

She had been Captain Grumpy Pants moments before this.

I hope this weather lasts a long long time!


Anonymous said…
little princess!!luv you guys!

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