Latebreaking Gratituesday!

Today Olivia is 5 months old. I am amazed at how quickly the time has flown - just like everybody said it would!
Now when I look at these pictures it is almost physically painful to remember those days and and how small and frail she was. I remember watching her ribs show when she would work hard to breathe those first days. I remember the bruises on her hands and feet from the failed IV attempts. I remember learning what each wire was for and how not to panic when she kept setting off alarms when her leads would come off yet again. The days until she came home seemed like they would never end. And just wondering when she would be responsive and DO SOMETHING other than move around a tiny bit in her bed once in a while.Today Olivia had an appointment at the NICU follow up clinic. They told us that she is doing great! They were pleased with her head control and how responsive she was to both the toys they dangled and the people in the room. She also was weighed and is up to 13 pounds. I guess even though she doesn't seem to be eating a lot she is definitely getting enough!
How can I be anything but absolutely grateful that she is doing so well? She is now chubby cheeked and healthy. She loves reading books and chewing on her bibs and burp clothes. Olivia loves going for walks and and she watches everything with her big blue eyes. She is certainly active and responsive now! I am so thankful to have my beautiful baby girl!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful memories as well as painful and they need to be remembered/
Aunt Barb said…
Five months...that just seems amazing! When I saw her Sunday, I could hardly believe she was that same little gal from St. E's. Glad things went well at the NICU follow-up. What a gift! :)
Matt said…
Love the pictures of Olivia smiling. Those pictures will brighten anybody's day.

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