Olivia's First "Solids"

Today I made baby food for Olivia. We started her on sweet potatoes. She wasn't sure about the spoon (it was her first time with a spoon, too). I did switch to my finger part-way through and she did well with that. Towards the end I switched back to the spoon and she seemed to "get it" a little more then. She also kept trying to shove her bib in her mouth, which is how it got so dirty.
Here is the promised video of her very first bites and a few pics of our big girl! I love when she watches the spoon coming towards her mouth and her eyes cross.
(Once again you can hear Piper in the background - she's even outside this time but the windows were open. She sure wanted back in!)


I love this video! She is so happy and I think she liked the sweet potatoes. The spoon does take some time. I had to actually go and buy some small flat spoons and she seems to like those better. She is adorable and I love her smile in between bits. Great job on the baby food too! Isn't so much fun?
Aunt Barb said…
Now THAT is pure joy! Way to eat, O! Thanks for sharing - so fun to see this!

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