Olivia's Donkey

My dear friends Kevin and Allison sent Olivia this adorable pink donkey toy.  Their son Michael is just a little older than Olivia and he has one he loves.  Olivia says he is from Michael and baby Abby - sorry K&A! 
I had never seen one before, but I think it is so cute!  Kids can hold onto the ears and bounce and ride on them.  He has a weight limit of 40 pounds, so at this rate she will be able to use him for a long time to come. Glenn christened ours "Xote" pronounced HO-Tay...as in Don Quixote.  So silly! 
Olivia doesn't just like to bounce on Xote.  She also likes to have him sit next to her and she pets him.  She also sat in a laundry basket with him the other day and drags him all over the house with her.  I think she thinks of him as her new pet.  Today she pushed his nose to the ground and told us he was eating corn on the cob.  What a fun gift!
Love him!


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