35 Weeks!

Today I am 35 weeks along!  We had an anxious day last week when I started having regular contractions for a few hours but I followed the instructions my doctor gave me and they subsided.  I took it easy over the weekend and haven't had any since, for which I am very thankful.
Yesterday Glenn and Olivia were able to go with me to the doctor for my appointment.  Olivia seemed to like watching her baby sister on the "TV" and was most happy when we let her lay down next to me on the ultrasound table.  While she really was pretty well behaved she is two, so yesterday confirmed that having someone else watch her while I have my appointments is a good call.  It's a lot to ask of her to be in the car for 90 minutes and then be calm for an hour at the doctor too.  Plus there are just so many machines with buttons!  :)
Molly scored an 8 out of 8 on the tests they ran both this week and last, so that is so welcome news.  They also told me last week that her head is in the 96th percentile already, just like big sister (although Olivia was a few months old before her head size really jumped).  Suddenly I'm liking the idea of the c-section a little bit more.  Really that is a complete joke because I'm quite nervous about it.  We have decided to try a different form of pain relief this time called a pain ball.  It releases a small amount of local anesthetic over time into the incision site.  Most people are able to move around a lot more and recover much more quickly, plus some people are able to avoid using any narcotics.  This would be great because I did not get along well with the narcotics last time and being able to take less or skip them altogether would be great.
Only four weeks left until the c-section is scheduled!  Please continue your prayers that we will make it.  I'm day-dreaming about a dark-haired little girl with chubby cheeks and legs!


Correny said…
Yay! So happy for you! I will wait patiently for 4 more weeks to hear of Miss Molly's arrival. Continued thoughts and prayers being sent from Colorado.

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