Gratituesday: So Close!

I think anyone that has complications with a pregnancy has a very different perspective on the following ones.  Last time I took so many things for granted, just figuring things would go fine/normal/according to plan.  This time has involved more anxiety, more doctors appointments, more ultrasounds, shots, etc.  Last time I was more anxious about what I would do when the baby arrived than about the pregnancy itself.  This time is the opposite! 
So tonight/tomorrow morning is THE time - I'm so close to being more pregnant than I have ever been!  My water broke with Olivia at 4:00 AM the day I hit 33 weeks (which you can read about here).  I am so very very grateful for making this far.  I'm grateful for the wonderful care my doctor and nurse Jeri have given me and the close watch they have kept on Molly and me.  I'm also grateful for the medicine that is giving me a good chance to have a full-term baby and for my loving, supportive husband that has all but conquered his fear of needles to give me those shots every week.  And I'm still and always grateful that despite the complications I had with Olivia that she is perfectly healthy and no longer has any delays.  I am so very blessed and I have so much to be thankful for! 
I do still covet your prayers:  that we will make it full-term this time, that Molly will be healthy, and that my recovery will be quick, and that we will all adjust well to being a family of four.  Thank you!


Anonymous said…
holding you in my heart, keeping you in my & hugs, Esther

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