Big Girl Bed!

For Olivia's second birthday my parents made her a big girl bed.  It is really cute and VERY study.  She slept in it a few times when we first got it but has generally preferred her toddler bed.  Since they were both in the same room we didn't really mind which bed she slept in.  :)  My parents also gave her a comforter set that I picked out for her Christmas gift.  It's sweet and fun and I can tell it makes her feel special.
Tonight we converted her toddler bed back into a crib and moved it into our bedroom to get ready for Molly's arrival.  I'm hoping she transitions as well to the big bed as she did to the toddler bed.  Here are some pictures we took right at bedtime.  Tonight she chose Monkey to join Lambie and Blankie (the usual suspects), as well as about 4 books.



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