Mini Lasagnas

I saw an episode of Aarti Party the other day where she made little individual lasagnas using won ton wrappers (you do know that won ton wrappers are just pasta, right?) and a muffin tin.  You may remember that I love making little portions in muffin tins from other posts - like the BBQ beef-filled biscuits and the mini meatloaves so you really shouldn't be surprised that I was super excited to try these out.  Aarti's original recipe (which you can find here) called for an Indian twist on the lasagnas, but I LOVE traditional Italian flavors and I also hate mango so I used more of her technique and less of her flavors.
I think Olivia hid our camera so this was taken with Glenn's Blackberry.
This recipe turned out to be surprisingly quick and easy.  I did have leftover meat and cheese fillings, but you could always throw the leftovers in with some pasta or just use more won ton wrappers.  Aarti got more layers for each lasagna than I did, but it turned out just fine making more instead.  Glenn told me he liked them better than regular lasagna and Olivia ate one and half without hardly stopping!  The edges get a bit crispy, the cheese is all gooey and melty, the garlic gives a nice kick...mmmmm...I think I might need to go and heat up some leftovers!


Meat Filling:
1 pound of lean ground beef
1 can Hunts Four Cheese spaghetti sauce
1 tablespoon chopped garlic

Cheese Filling:
3/4 cup ricotta
3/4 cup grated parmesan (plus more for topping)
3/4 cup shredded mozzarella (plus more for topping)
1 teaspoon Kosher salt

1 package of won ton wrappers

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Brown hamburger, add spaghetti sauce and garlic, simmer for a few minutes.
Mix ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella, and salt in a medium bowl.
If your muffin tin is not non-stick spray you will need to lightly grease them.
Place a won ton wrapper in the bottom of the muffin cup.  Drop one tablespoon of the meat filling into the wrapper.  Top with one teaspoon of the cheese filling.  Repeat, turning the won ton wrapper about 90 degrees so that the edges don't line up.  Then place on one more wrapper and one more tablespoon of the meat mixture.  Top with a bit of mozzarella and parmesan.  This is where Aarti somehow got an extra meat and cheese layer - I must have smaller muffin tins.
Bake for 20 minutes.  Let sit on the counter for 10 minutes and then enjoy!


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