Prayer Request: Making it to May

If you missed the big announcement on facebook and you haven't noticed the new ticker yet on this blog, I'm pregnant!  As near as I can figure I'm due around Glenn's birthday, May 22.  I'm not very far along yet but I'm definitely feeling pregnant.  I haven't had much nausea but I'm not very hungry a lot of the time.  I've noticed that I am so ready for naptime lately!  I usually have a lot of energy in the mornings so I've been trying to do things like clean the kitchen and prep food for supper then.
Other than the last few days Olivia has been doing really well at letting me be productive when it works for me (she's been sick since Sunday) and that has helped too.  She notices babies at church or at the store and says, "baby" whenever she sees them.  She also likes to call her dolls her "baby" and she likes to dress them, put them in her booster seat and pretend to give them food, put them in her stroller and take them for walks.  Today I even saw Olivia trying to put a diaper on one of them.  I hope this mothering is a good sign.
We had to take clomid again this time to get pregnant.  I did not ovulate the first round so they changed the dosage and I ovulated the second month and got pregnant.  It really seems like ovulation is the only missing piece of the infertility puzzle for me - it only took one round to get pregnant with Olivia.  Clomid has the benefit of having hardly any side effects and only costing us $9 per round, but you can only take it 6 times (for most people).  We had already decided that if it didn't work that we weren't going to try any other drugs or fertility methods.  We are so very thankful to have such a wonderful child already that we knew we could be content with only one child if that's what God had in store for us - especially considering that I never knew if I would be able to have any!  What a blessing to be able to conceive again!
Even though we obviously were trying to get pregnant I'm still a little overwhelmed with the thought of having another child.  The thing I am most nervous about right now is having another preemie, and dealing with all of that while having a toddler.  Please pray that I will have an uneventful pregnancy and a full-term baby!


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