Two More Heat Transfer Projects

I made two more projects with my Silhouette tonight and if I had more shirts I'm pretty sure I would still be doing it right now.  I am having so much fun with it so far and I love being able to have a creative outlet.  Plus it is so nice to have my own space to do it in!  I have been also having a great time downloading fonts from the internet that I think will look cute on shirts and stuff.  It's nice to be able to use any true type font and pick out just the right one for my project.
I think my favorite thing to do with the Silhouette is going to be making custom onesies for baby gifts.  I made one tonight for my dear friends, Kevin and Allison Morrill, who are missionaries in Albania.  This onesie says "Little Sister."  I asked Kevin for help with the translation because Albanian is so confusing.  I am planning to make a shirt for big brother Michael as well with blue but I don't have a shirt to do it on yet.

I was able to easily add in the umlauts by just drawing in a couple little circles in the design studio.  So simple!
I also did another shirt for Olivia.  I think I bought three of the same shirt in different colors when I found them on clearance.  I fell in love with this puppy and had to put it on a shirt for Olivia.  Isn't he so cute?  I think for Olivia's next shirt I will probably make a stencil so that I can use different colors, plus paint is cheaper than heat transfer material, but I'm not sure yet.  They both are fun and easy to do.
Please ignore the weird circle on there from the ironing.


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