Closer to Walking?

I've long since given up trying to predict when Olivia will hit milestones or in what order. I mean, whose kid only rolls until after a year and then climbs stairs and walks along furniture before they sit up?  Mine apparently.  I try pretty hard to not get my hopes up or worry too much about her walking even though she is now 19 months old.  It has been exciting lately though at how much she is using her walker/push toys.  She's been making rounds around the house quite a bit more in the last couple of days.  Last night I realized that I could take her walker outside (duh) and so after breakfast this morning we tried it out.  Olivia absolutely loved it!  She walked around for over an hour!  I was amazed at how she just keep going and going.  When she would hit an obstacle, like grass in the sidewalk cracks, she would shake the doll stroller until it came free.  If that didn't work she would either drop to her knees and push it over or yell until I helped her.  Sometimes she would stumble onto her knees but she would just get right back up again and take off!  I was/am so proud of her! 
I hadn't realized how much I was looking forward to being able to go on a walk with her without a stroller.  It was awesome and it was really great to just spend some time outside.  She really might just walk on her own one of these days!

My big girl!
Trying to off-road.  It didn't work so well.  She needs some kind of tire instead of the plastic wheels.  :) 

Up the slope to the library.
Made it up!  Now to tackle going back down. 


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