My Silhouette is Here!

Lovely organization!

Everything in its place.

That's not dirt on the floor - it's a hole in the linoleum that the previous owners had covered with a rug when we looked at the house.  So don't worry, Mom!

My Silhouette arrived today!  Glenn and I had a lovely, clean, and organized space prepared so that I could have a dedicated project area.  We had an empty space in our sunroom off of our kitchen besides a large bookshelf that I use as extra pantry space and a smaller one that I use for cookbooks and some pretty cookware.  I bought some containers and tubs and we brought up a table my parents gave us for Christmas a few years ago.  Glenn had an extra laptop that I can use just for this purpose (so blessed to have a geek husband!) so I'm pretty much good to go. 
Although I don't plan on doing a lot of paper projects I thought it would be best to start with something simple.  I downloaded a card design from the online store.  I think it will be fun to use different papers and things with it and it was easy to change the size to match the paper I already had on hand. 
Fun, right?
My second project was a shirt for Olivia.  I bought a plain green shirt on clearance for just this purpose and used pink heat transfer material on it.  I love love love how it turned out!  I was a bit nervous doing it because it involved placement, as in you have to place it in the right position on the shirt so that doesn't look off.  Placement makes me very nervous, even using a ruler to get it pretty close, so I made Glenn come in and eyeball it before I put it down to make sure I had it even.  It's not perfect but when it is on Olivia you won't be able to tell. 
Perfect for my girl!
There are so many things I can do with my new toy.  I'm mostly excited to make custom onesies and shirts as gifts.  I'm also hoping still to do glass etching for my family for Christmas and it will be nice to be able to work on it at home and not just when I can get to a friend's Cricut machine.  Yay, I finally have some type of a hobby!


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