My First Order, A Gift, and the Naughty Spot

I got my very first "order" this week.  I'm not really trying to make this into a business, but it's fun to do orders for people as long as they pay for the materials.  I found the four shirts I needed on clearance so it worked out really well for everybody.  I think the hardest part is finding shirts.  We don't always have much of a selection of plain shirts at our Wal-Mart (and all we have is Wal-Mart).  Onesies are easy anyway because you can always find packs of plain white onesies!
I did a shirt for my friend Lynn's son, Chase.  He loves cars and trucks so this is what I came up with.
You Can Never Have Too Many Cars
Then I did three matching shirts for Lynn's daughter, Hayley, and her two cousins.  Grandma Gail loves purple so I'm glad the purple heat transfer material came in time!
GG's Little Princess
Next I did a hot pink tank top as a gift for my friend Christi's little girl, Calleigh.  I never got her a birthday present so we'll say that's what this is.  :)  I was so excited to try out the black glitter heat transfer!  It wasn't exactly what I expected but I loved how it turned out.  The color on the picture is way off but I couldn't seem to get a good one last night.
Sorry Boys, I Only Date Rock Stars
And lastly I tried out the new vinyl I ordered.  I made a sign to put in Olivia's time-out corner.  I had some problems getting it on the wall.  I think this is due to the fact that I used the regular instead of the premium vinyl (which is what the manufacturer suggests for walls).  The adhesive isn't quite strong enough for walls and it doesn't help that my walls are anything but smooth.  Lesson learned! 
Naughty Spot


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