Two Weeks Old

Daddy and his girls!
Molly is two weeks old already.  Instead of taking off a full week when she came home Glenn is taking mornings off for two weeks.  This has been a blessing for both us and for his work.  I'm so glad they let us do this.  Glenn has been awesome about taking both girls downstairs when Olivia gets up in the morning and letting me sleep an extra hour or so.  I'm pretty sure it's how I'm making it through the day!  It's quite a change going from one to two kids!
Cuddles and kisses!
Molly's first doctor's appointment went great and she's back up to her birth weight now.  I love stroking her head when she sleeps on me.  All that hair is so soft.  Molly is getting better about bathtime.  The first couple of times she screamed a lot but she is starting to seem like she enjoys it now.  One not great thing is that she is very fussy and uncomfortable after she eats so we are trying out the hypoallergenic formula that we used with Olivia to see if it helps ($$$ - ouch!).  So far it doesn't seem to, but we're still hoping.  It's no fun to watch her be so uncomfortable or have her wake up screaming after she's been asleep in my arms for 10 minutes (over and over again).  Sometimes it's taken us two hours after she eats to get her truly back to sleep, which stinks since she eats at least every three hours.  If there is nothing we can do about it I hope she outgrows it soon!   She and I both have appointments next Tuesday so hopefully our trip to Lincoln goes well and we both get a good report.  I'm excited to see how much she weighs now and maybe get some more insight on the eating thing.  If that formula isn't going to work we are definitely going to go back to something cheaper! 
Feeding baby sister.
Olivia has settled into being a big sister pretty well.  The first few days back were a little rough but I think it was more from being away from us for a week.  Olivia demanded to give Molly her bottle every time it was time to eat.  She also wanted to hold her all the time.  This sounds sweet, but when we had to say no she would throw herself onto the ground screaming and crying.  I'm glad the novelty of Molly has worn off a bit.  Olivia seemed to accept Molly's presence without much of a thought.  It's nice that she is so adaptable.  She has suddenly become quite obsessed with doing dishes.  I'm not sure why dishes exactly, but she is very happy with the dish wand, some water, and a few dishes to wash for 20 minutes or even longer.  I'm trying to not discourage it even though there is usually a lot of water to clean up off of the counters and floor when she is done. 
Olivia had a great time with Eric and Lindsey and then with my parents.  Hadley and Zoey were with her pretty much the whole time.  They played in the sprinkler, the hot tub, the swimming pool, with a 4-wheeler, with the barn cats...I think they kept her so busy and occupied that she didn't even miss us!  I'm so thankful for my family.  It was nice to not have to worry about Olivia and have some time to settle in with Molly.

Mommy's big helper!
Olivia "washing" dishes.


Correny said…
I think that is a splendid idea to have Glenn take mornings off instead of a whole week. If we ever have a 2nd, I am sure that would be more feasible for James as well. Love the updates and seeing how much your girlies look alike.

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