Gratituesday: Now a Family of Four

Molly with Great-Grandpa Don
Tonight my parents brought Olivia home and brought along my grandpa so he could meet Molly.  I'm so glad it worked out for him to come.  Babies love him and it's so sweet as he holds them and softly hums and sings to them.  Molly's middle name of Josephine is partially in honor of him (his middle name is Joseph). 
Four generations
We got to take a four generation picture which was a little bittersweet for me.  It made me miss my grandma so much.  She would have been so excited to meet and play with Molly and pleased to know that Molly's middle name was after her own mother's name.  I love that Olivia's middle name is to honor people in Glenn's family and Molly's is to honor people in mine.  It's sweet that it worked out that way.

It is so good to have my big girl back again.  I've missed Olivia's big smile, crazy hair, and sweet hugs.  Olivia was excited to hold Molly again.  I still don't think she has any idea of how much her life has just changed, but at least she seems pretty happy about the new baby for now.  :)  It was nice to have a day or so to settle in with just Molly but now that we are all home together I am so thankful. 
I am so thankful for so many things that it's overwhelming.  Here are a few of the biggies... 
What a wonderful blessing to be able to bring Molly home from the hospital with us!  Being released at the same time was amazing and something no one should take for granted!
I have two beautiful healthy girls.
I'm healing and recovering so much more quickly from the surgery this time.  Not dealing with traveling back and forth to a NICU is probably a big help.  :)
My husband is a huge blessing to me and takes such good care of us.  I know that part of the reason I am healing so well is because of him.

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