My Thoughts on Halloween

I posted this on facebook this morning and I wanted to post it here again too.  
Dear Christian Friends – 
There is a lot of stuff going around right now on whether or not it is right to participate in Halloween activities.  If you feel it is wrong than I would never urge you to do anything to do against your beliefs or conscience.  I would ask, however, that before you censor others who feel that they can participate without it being a sin that you think about a few things.  Most people that I know personally who are against Halloween do not have a problem with the activities celebrated with Christmas and Easter.  Even though many of them are aware of the pagan basis for a lot of those traditions – Easter eggs, Easter bunny, giving gifts, Christmas trees, etc. they have found a way to feel like they are celebrating the good things without partaking in any “evil” or “bad.” 
I personally feel like I can do the same thing with Halloween.  I use it as a time to get to know my neighbors and to build community bonds.  I use it as a time to celebrate my favorite time of year and all the beauty that God has given us at this time.  I use it as a time to spend time having fun with my family.
Again, if you feel as though it is wrong to celebrate or participate, please do not feel like I am urging you to do anything you feel is a sin.  I just want to make it clear why I feel comfortable.


s&sjohnson08 said…
Those are my thoughts exactly Emily. I hate it when people put down someone for celebrating Halloween with out even considering the pagan origins of almost all our other holidays: Valentines (the execution of a man), Thanksgiving (annual festival at the end of harvest), Easter (celebration of the end of Lent where people gorged themselves on what they had deprived themselves fro the previous 40 days), Christmas (in Rome it was a feast celebrating children, other European countries it was celebrating winter solstice)...It's kind of hypocritical to condemn one holiday and not the others. Or to celebrate all others but not the one that originates around the end of harvest and the beginning of the cold/dark part of the year.

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