First Official Appointment

I met with a nurse practitioner this week to go over the basics and to get some bloodwork done.  I had really hoped to be able to hear the heartbeat, but in two weeks I'll be having an ultrasound so that makes up for it.  I got my hospital registration packet or other paperwork.  I also got to see my favorite nurse ever, Jeri.  She's the head of the OB department at my doctor's office and I just love her.  Unfortunately the reason I got to see her is because they ended up needing to get the best person in the office to find a good vein for my blood draw.  Thankfully, Jeri will not stick until she is sure she can get it so I didn't end up like a pincushion.
The results from my bloodwork were great.  In fact, my progesterone is 3 times higher than it ever was with Olivia!  This means I can stop taking it after this week and I'm very relieved to hear it.  The main side effect of it is tiredness so between it and normal pregnancy tiredness I have been feeling half-dead most days. 
My "morning" sickness has been getting worse - I'm actually finding that the morning is when I feel the best..  I've read that there is some correlation between progesterone levels and being nauseated so I guess it shouldn't be a big surprise that I'm feeling sick a lot more this pregnancy.
Glenn will be going along for my next appointment (he only goes to ultrasound ones so only 2 total) and I'm very excited to spend some one-on-one time with him.  My sweet SIL is keeping Olivia most of the day so we can really make the most of his day off and the fact that we will already be in Lincoln.  It means a lot to me as it's already difficult enough to carve out time together with as busy as already are!  I'm excited to get my official due date and see this little one!


Correny said…
I can't wait to hear the update! Continued excitement and prayers from Colorado.

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