Olivia's Latest Adventures

Olivia has suddenly decided that going down stairs in awesome.  She's been able to do it for months now but never really bothered to do it very often.  Just in the last week she has been up and down, going from the second floor to the basement and back.  Glenn found her in the basement trying to get into the dryer Saturday morning.  Now we keep the way to the basement blocked since it is not really baby-proofed.  On Saturday Glenn and Olivia went to get donuts again.  This is turning into a weekly ritual instead of an occasional treat I am afraid, but Glenn loves it and I guess we will just try harder to eat healthily the rest of the time. 
We decided rather last minute to go up and visit my parents and family this weekend.  It was a quick trip - we went up on Sunday and then back on Monday - but we had a really nice time.  Grandma took us down to see the baby kitties and Olivia got to hold one of the "old" baby kitties.  The youngest ones were too young to hold still.  Olivia wasn't quite sure what to make of it and neither was the kitty.

We also got a chance to visit Papa Mark and Nancy.  They have a dog named Holly that we got to meet for the first time.  She was absolutely the best dog with Olivia.  She was so sweet.  They played with Holly's ball and had a great time.  Olivia loved her.

I made a special birthday supper for Grandma and Papa.  We had steaks (which Grandma grilled for us since I was scared to use their nice new grill), twice baked potatoes, rolls, corn, and peanut butter fudge cream pie for dessert.  It was nice to treat them for their birthdays.  My mom had fun playing with Olivia on the stairs and even gave herself rug-burn sliding down them with her.  Poor mom, but I had to laugh.  My dad is recovering from his surgery so he didn't get to play with Olivia much but she did blow him about a thousand kisses.  When he kissed her goodbye she giggled a lot because his beard was tickle-y.  Olivia skipped her nap for the most part and got to bed late but went to sleep without making a peep.  In fact she didn't get up to eat until 5:00 and then went back to sleep until we finally woke her up at 9:30 because we had to get going.  I think she was just worn out from all the fun!
We got to have brunch with Great-grandpa Don, Nolan and Barb and kids, and Steve and Linda.  It was nice to see so many Schmits!  We didn't get to hang out long but it was still lots of fun. 

When we got home Monday afternoon Glenn mowed the yard and then our friends Tim and Curtis came up.  We had homemade pizza and played computer and had a nice time hanging out for the evening.  The weekend just flew by but we managed to both be productive and have a fun time!


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