Happy Mother's Day!

Olivia helps by unloading the dishwasher...

I am so blessed!  Glenn took off work on Friday to surprise me and took me to Lincoln for lunch and to pick out a Mother's Day gift.  Olivia stayed with her Grandma Deena so we got to go by ourselves, which is much more relaxing.  I got my first real jewelry from him since my engagement/wedding rings.  I picked out a lovely peridot ring (which is still being sized, pictures to come later) and had a great time doing some shopping for baby gifts for Mark and Ginger.  After all the of the business trips he has been gone on lately it was really nice to spend so much time together.
Yesterday we had a relaxing and yet productive day.  I got two coats of poly done on Olivia's dresser.  I'm hoping to let it set to "cure" for another day or so and then we should be ready to put it all back together and move it into her room!  I also took a morning and an afternoon nap - awesome.  For supper I made a double batch of meatballs and simmered half of them in brown gravy and served them over egg noodles.  Very good and something different for Glenn since he isn't a big fan of marinara (the weirdo).
Today I got to sleep in and then had a ham and cheese omelet delivered to me in bed.  We had lunch with the Tandy's.  The moms didn't have to do anything for lunch and we had a really nice meal.  I got to take another nap this afternoon, which was awesome.  Glenn ordered a pizza for supper so I didn't have to cook again and now I'm blogging and going to play some Sims while he puts Olivia to bed.
Beyond that I have a wonderful mother that I love so very much, a great and caring mother-in-law, and the chance to be a mom.  The last part is something that I never knew for sure would happen and I need to remind myself some days how much I am truly blessed to have Olivia.  She is funny, ornery, sweet, and mischievousness.  I can already see her sense of humor developing and she loves making us laugh.  She is inquisitive and curious.  And stubborn, man is she stubborn!  But she is mine and I'm so thankful!


Stacia Hamidi said…
What a great Mother's Day! :-) So glad that you were pampered! Love how you put that 'she is mine' -- she is blessed to have you!
What a fabulous Mothers Day! I am so glad it was relaxing for you! You have such a cutie on your hands.

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