May Craft Night

These are the items I freezer paper stenciled at this month's craft night.  Not bad for my first attempt if I do say so myself!

My friend Ginger is having a baby boy so I decided to try my hand at some custom onesies.  She is a complete math nerd and I love that about her so I decided to reflect that.  She also just moved to England not long ago (her husband is from there) so I decided a "I (Heart) Mum" shirt was in order.

 I also decided to try a glitter shirt for Olivia.  I saw a shirt that said this at a geek website once and loved it, but I wasn't going to pay $16 for a t-shirt for Olivia.  I still need to wash off the extra glitter on the shirt, but it needs to sit for a few days before I can do so.

Special thanks to Megan Blinde for helping me learn how to use the Cricut!


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