The Past Few Days In Pictures

You can see here that her hair is still damp before we left for church this is because...

Olivia has been sleeping on her face lately.  Thanks to that she wakes up with hair like this every morning!
Sharing her rice rusk with Piper!
So happy to share with the puppy!  No wonder Piper loves her so much.

She still loves making a complete mess at supper time.

Olivia's favorite book one day.  She cried when we finally took it away!
My big girl!  I just love this sparkly dress with her red shoes!


s&sjohnson08 said…
LOVELOVELOVE the last picture of Olivia! She looks so grown up!
My dogs only like my nephew when he has food; the rest of the time they just tolerate or avoid him. But put food in his hands, and they are best buds!

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