Doctor's Visit and One Year Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of Olivia coming home!  While in reality she was only in the NICU for 16 days, it felt like much MUCH longer.  It's wonderful to look over at her right now, as she lays on the floor next to Piper, dripping her bottle onto her stomach and generally making a mess of herself, and smiling at me.  I knew that her first year would be a roller-coaster, but I didn't expect quite so many loop-de-loops!  Even so, she is a huge blessing and we would do it all again to have her in our life!

Today was also Olivia's one year doctor's visit.  It turns out that the growth spurt I thought she had wasn't only in my imagination!  At her last visit she was in the 30th percentile to height and this time she jumped to the 75th!  In fact, after the first nurse left and the second nurse came in to fill out our papers she decided to re-measure Olivia when she saw how much she had grown.  At this appointment she weighted in at 19.3 pounds and was in the 20th percentile.  She's looking pretty long and skinny these days!  Her head, not surprisingly, was still in the 97th percentile.  Ah, my big headed baby, haha.

We got the go-ahead to start introducing Olivia to milk products.  Her doctor said that most kids out-grown the milk protein intolerance by this age, but because they haven't been being exposed to lactose that they won't have much lactase built up.  Due to this we have to slowly work it into her system, so we start by adding a little (a tablespoon) to each of her bottles today to see how she tolerates it.  If all goes well, we can add a bit more tomorrow and so on.  I'm excited to a. introduce Olivia to more foods and b. not pay for ridiculously expensive formula anymore.  The doctor joked that we'd have a second income back and that I didn't have to sell my kidney on the black market after all (I just love her doctor)! 
We talked a bit about her motor delays.  He is on board with the physical therapy (that we start tomorrow!) and will be kept up-to-date by the Early Intervention coordinator.  He gave us a few more ideas of things to try to get her moving.  He also clarified that she is indeed "crawling" and that what most people think of as crawling, when the baby is moving on hands and knees, is referred to as "creeping."  I didn't know that, but I guess it makes sense that they would need different terms.  He also said absolutely no jumpers, walkers, or exersaucers until she can pull up on things on her own so we're packing up the exersaucer.  She doesn't spend lots of time in it, but we're going to do all we can to help her catch up.
Overall she's doing really well.  She did get some shots but she only cried for about 5 minutes.  In fact, she was so happy we chanced eating out at Culver's.  She ate pieces of my hamburger bun, dill pickle, and some shredded chicken from Glenn's chicken strips.  She didn't gag or puke once and sat in the high chair for about a half hour - pretty much a new record!  She fell asleep for a bit on the way home, happily played for a few hours, and now is taking another nap.  Hopefully she will wake up in a good mood! 


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