Pioneer Village

Got my new babylegs on - ready to go to Pioneer Village!
Today we went to Pioneer Village in Minden, NE to celebrate the 4th birthday of my nephew, Dominick. If you're never been there or heard of it let me tell you, it's an interesting place filled with antiques and actual old buildings that were moved onto the site. Some of the stuff is a little weird but there are some neat things too. I always enjoy prairie history so the sod house and old school house were two of my favorites. The weather was really nice for July and cooler, even though it was still pretty humid (for proof all you have to do is look at the pictures of my hair as the day goes on!). I took tons of pictures of family and friends. I pretty much just put a few pictures up of Olivia from the day - I'll add the rest on facebook later. It was nice to enjoy some time outside. Olivia only took one short nap on the way there and then another very short nap while we were there, but she actually did very well.
Olivia sits on the sorta sketchy horse.
Cousin Timothy and Olivia being tickled by Glenn.
With her buddy, "Uncle" Tim.
Getting sleepy - should have slept more in the car.
Looking through the wall of the fort (don't mind my frizzy hair).

Ellee and Dominick with Glenn and Olivia on the train.

Standing on a chair pretty much by herself!

On the way home we stopped in Grand Island for some Jimmy Johns. I was in heaven! We decided to save our chips for later and headed next door to Coldstone Creamery and used a giftcard we got from my parents for Christmas. I'm still full 3 hours later!


Anonymous said…
We have been there a couple of times and have really enjoyed it'The one thing that I remember is Nolan climbing on a big tractor.

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