8 Months Old

Didn't I just write her 7 month post? It sure feels like it. Let's see, I mostly just have a random collection of facts so I'll just see how this goes. Olivia is now just over 16 pounds and seems to have gotten much longer all of the sudden. She wears size 3 months up to 6-9 months depending on the brand. Her hair seems to get longer and have more curl all the time. She still really isn't into eating "solid" food but we try most every day. Still no sign of teeth, but I'm told that's a good thing. She likes playing with her sippy cup and as you can see from the video is starting to get the idea. She still loves chewing on blankets and burp clothes but now actually likes playing with her toys quite a bit too. She loves standing and will do so holding onto your fingers for quite a long time. We're trying to get her to learn to sit up but she has zero interest in it at this point. She does like standing in the exersaucer for a little while at a time, especially if you give her a blanket or burp cloth to chew on while she is in it. She rolls from her front to her back easily and has started turning on her side but has not officially rolled from back to front.
She shows no fear of strangers and loves when anyone pays attention to her when we are out on a walk or at the store. She especially loves the librarians across the street - probably because we see them so often! She loves beards and facial hair, probably because most of the men in her life have them. She still screams laughing when Glenn rubs her hands or feet on his scratchy face. He's learned to be careful though because she actually pulled out beard hair this weekend! She also likes to pull my hair (and Hadley's hair). I almost always have it in a ponytail now to be on the safe side. She sleeps in her crib in her own room every night and naps there now too. She has to be in bed between 6:30-7:00 PM or there is a meltdown. She sleeps at night with both arms unswaddled but at naptime still has one arm tucked in. She sucks on her lower lip sometimes and makes a lot more noise these days. When you talk to her she sometimes moves her tongue around trying to sorta mimic making different sounds. She was startled by the loud fireworks on Sunday but they didn't seem to bother her very much.
She's our big girl and we just love her so much!


Anonymous said…
HAPPY 8th month birthday!!
Matt said…
Before you know it her 1 year birthday will be here. Thanks for sharing a little bit about the joys of your lives.

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