Project Runway Rundown

I've watched Project Runway on and off for the last few years, depending on whether or not we got the channel it airs on. I really like the show because not only do the competitors have to be creative and come up with the designs, but they have to make them. They are then judged on both the idea and the tailoring and fit. Really, it's pretty interesting to watch in my opinion. Here's what I thought of last night's episode.

Ok, so I want to be able to design my own fabric. I have no idea what I would do with it because my sewing skills leave something to be desired, but man it would be fun to play with that program! The paintbrush tool you could use was pretty cool looking.

Emilio - I thought that the dress turned out pretty well. Thank goodness he stopped the leather top because I think his final product turned out much better without it. I have to admit that I was seeing the same thing as Tim Gunn - SAES instead of ES(heart as "O")SA. While I like the graffiti idea I was a little sad about the heart. Really, is a heart the most innovative thing you could come up with? Oh, well. Still not my favorite but he's come a long way from the string-and-washers bikini debacle.

Seth Aaron - Wow, his look turned out to be pretty stunning. I loved the graphic impact of his jacket. When I first saw him sketching on the monitor I was skeptical, but doing it in the window pane made all the difference. I'm beginning to see him really walking away with the win. He knows how to put together look after look that really represent his style and point of view. His collection will really flow together.

Maya - While I thought her fabric turned okay, my first thought when I saw her model was "What 80's music video did she step out of?" I attribute this to her hair - took me back to the days of the banana clip and big bangs. I'm not sure I loved this dress as much as the judges did, but at least it was better than Mila's. Speaking of Mila...

Mila - It helps to make sure your model can walk in the dress. I wasn't a big fan of the dress or the fabric. The fabric reminded me of a comforter you would buy for your 5 year old's bedroom. We saw many better maxi-dresses in previous seasons. Also, this really does look like something I could do myself. She had so many cool looks in the beginning, but maybe this horse is just a one-trick-pony and she's running out of ideas.

Jonathan - I actually thought his fabric was kinda interesting. It certainly wasn't as bold as the others, but I liked the idea. I wasn't a huge fan of his outfit though. I want to like him so much. I did feel a little bad when the judges laughed at him.

Jay - His outfit and fabric were okay to me. Not amazing but still good. The cutoff jean shorts he was wearing were distracting to me though. More memories from the 80's.

Anthony - Goodbye, funniest part of the show! Loved his attitude! I'll miss the way he entertained - sometimes on purpose, sometimes not.


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