Here is the quick and easy pizzadilla recipe I promised. It's one of our favorite fast meals (I can usually make enough for Glenn and I in 10-15 minutes prep and everything) and it doesn't require a lot of ingredients.

Tortillas - I prefer white or whole wheat, but not corn
Pizza toppings - we love turkey pepperoni but you can use hamburger, sausage, green pepper, olives, whatever you like on your pizza. Also a good way to use leftovers.
Cheese - I like an Italian cheese blend for the most flavor but you can mix and match
Marinara for dipping - I usually use our favorite spaghetti sauce

Place a tortilla into a skillet on medium low heat. I like non-stick because you don't have to use any oil, but if you use regular "stick" pans make sure to use a little oil.
Top with a little cheese, the other toppings, and then a bit more cheese (to make the top tortilla stick). Try to keep the layer pretty thin or your tortilla will burn before your cheese melts.

Then top with second tortilla. You can also make this with one tortilla if you just toppings on one side and then fold it in half.
Once the cheese is melty and the bottom tortilla is getting browned and crispy flip it over. If you do this before the cheese melts you will have a mess of toppings flying all over.Once both sides are brown simply cut into wedges and serve with marinara for dipping. I have no idea why the picture is sideways or how to fix it. Sorry!

We think these are a nice change from a traditional quesadilla and it's easy to personalize them for different tastes. If you need to make a lot you may want to put them in a warm oven because they do cool down rather quickly and they really do taste best hot. Enjoy!


Matt said…
Those look super good and super easy to make. I'm gonna have to make some.
Anonymous said…
You just gave me another idea.I";; have to try it.
Anonymous said…
I'm going camping and I am definitely making those!!!

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