Blog Backgrounds

I know I've mentioned this before, and if you've followed my blog at all you've had to have noticed, but I have a problem with picking a background for my blog and leaving it for very long. I just can't stop myself. I keep looking for my "perfect" background - the one that screams "Emily" to me. I find some I really like, but after a few days I start looking around at free backgrounds again. I mean, what if there is one that I'd like even better but I just didn't know because I hadn't looked! Plus, it's sort of like getting new clothes without having to try anything on or pay for them.
If you know of any fun free blog background websites and want to further my addiction, post it in my comments or let me know on facebook.


Garrett Knapp said…
Start learning Photoshop, so you can make--or at least tweak--your own backgrounds. Warning: it's extremely addicting!

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