Three Weeks Old and Putting Up the Pool

Three weeks already!  We had an appointment this week and Molly is now 7 lbs. 8 oz. and 20 inches long.  She was just an ounce shy of a pound over her birth weight and has grown 1.5 inches. Her doctor is very pleased with how well she is growing and so are we! She is still pretty fuzzy on her back and arms.  The little tufts of hair on her ears are so cute, though I'm sure she'll be glad that they aren't permanent when she gets older.  :) Her hair definitely has some wave to it and it doesn't seem to be falling out at all yet.  I think she may be having a growth spurt right now because she is eating a ton.  Most days she naps overlapping with Olivia a little so I get to lay down too, which is awesome. 

Bath time for Molly. 
Last year's pool got a leak at the very end of the summer so we had to get a new one.  It's the same as last year's pool, just a different color.  Olivia LOVES playing in it and begs to be in it all day long.  She doesn't like the I make her wait until Molly is asleep or until Daddy gets home, but a little delay of gratification will do her some good.  My incision isn't completely healed so I'm stuck with only putting my feet in for now.  It still feels pretty good in the evenings though. 
Pool time!
Getting splashed by Mama.

Olivia is still loving her little sister and is happy to hold her for a few pictures most of the time.  It's fun to look at Olivia's infant pictures and compare the two of them.  I see a lot of Olivia in Molly, though Molly seems to be a bit darker where Olivia is fair.  I think she takes after her Daddy in that regard.  It does seem like Molly will have blue eyes like her big sister, but only time will tell!
Bedtime for the girls.


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