One Month Old Plus a Parade

Molly turned one month old last Saturday.  I can hardly believe it has already been a month.  She is growing like a weed!  I'm guessing she is close to two pounds over her birth weight now.  She still eats about every 3 hours, which is probably why she is growing so well, but I wouldn't mind if she wanted to go a little longer at night.  :)  She is still pretty fussy, but has gotten slightly better.  She has started spitting up pretty often but not always very much.  She doesn't like to sleep during the day unless she is being held, but I do usually get at least one long nap out of her each day where I can get a few things done that can't be done one handed and/or take Olivia outside for a bit.
This last weekend was also the Swedish Festival.  Stromsburg claims to be the Swedish Capitol of Nebraska (along with a couple other towns) but I'm pretty sure we win.  The Swedes around here take it pretty seriously and most all of them can tell you their entire genealogy for hundreds of years.  When I worked at the grocery store I even met some people that still spoke Swedish - English was actually their second language!  Anyway, we enjoyed seeing The String Beans play a concert on Friday night (they are a band for kids).  We also enjoyed eating at the different food booths all weekend.  They are all fundraisers for different groups around the community so it's easy to justify, plus the food is pretty good!  :)
On Saturday we took both girls to their first parade.  We loaded them up in the giant wagon from my parents and walked down the block.  Olivia was a little unsure about sitting on the curb so close to the moving vehicles, but certainly didn't mind getting some candy.  It was pretty hot and humid so after about 35 minutes we headed to the firehall for their fundraiser meal.  At that point Molly decided she was done being outside -  so I carried Molly home and our food rode in the wagon instead.  :)  It was a fun weekend and it was nice to get spend some time in our own little town instead of running around like we do so often.

Going to the parade!

I think we have everything we need to be 2 blocks from home, haha!

First piece of candy!
Molly slept through pretty much the whole thing!


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