Gratituesday: My Girls

I love my two girls.  They don't always make it easy on me, but I'm trying to just take one day at a time.  Sometimes, just when I think I'm going to lose the slightest bit of patience I have left, something like today's photo op happens and I remember how blessed I am. 
I pray that as they grow up together that Olivia's love for Molly will continue to grow and that she will look out for Molly and be a good example for her.  I pray that Molly will love and look up to her big sister.  I'm sure that there will be some ugly times between them too, but at least I will have these pictures to look back on during those times.  :) 
Sometimes my heart quakes when I think about raising daughters in this world.  I pray that we will be good parents and Godly examples.  I pray that He will guide us and give us wisdom as we raise our beautiful girls!

Sister Love!

I bribed Olivia with a Hershey's kiss to smile for the picture...and didn't think about the fact that her teeth would be chocolately gross-looking in the picture. :)  Yes, I bribe my child on occasion and I'm okay with that.

Done with pictures.

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