Olivia's New Wagon

Yesterday my mom dropped off Olivia's Christmas present. We knew she was getting a wagon because it's the predetermined gift for oldest child at this point in their life by my parents. And my mom had said to me that it wouldn't fit in our car so she'd have to drop it off with their truck at some point...but I guess I hadn't realized just how HUGE the wagon would be! It is the biggest wagon I have ever seen and it has a prairie wagon style cover, which is pretty cool. Currently it is taking up a large portion of our living room.
Maybe this will give you some idea of the size of this monster.
Olivia really likes messing with the wheels for some reason. From here you can see it's really wide too!
Of course one of my dad's comments is that the wagon is big enough to hold more grandkids. Dad is never subtle about wanting more grandkids - specifically a grandson. I keep telling him that if he keeps this up that if and when we have another kid I'll have a girl just to spite him.

Strangely Olivia left the wagon completely alone all evening yesterday. Today, though, she made a beeline for it and has gone back to it several times. She mostly messes with the wheels but has also tested it out for kicking potential.
Of course Olivia likes kicking it - the metal makes a neat noise!
I was pretty curious to see how she would respond to being put in the wagon, especially with the cover on. As it turns out she was a big fan! I didn't leave her in there for long but she enjoyed it while she was in there and sat up long enough for me to grab the camera and take some shots until I got one with a smile and with her eyes open. Too bad it's so cold out or we'd take it for a test ride!
Happy girl! Thanks, Papa and Gama!


What a cute girl! That is a great wagon. I am sure you guys will have a lot of fun with it!

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