Olivia's First Words

Olivia has been saying Mama and Dada for months now. I'd thought it sounded like she was trying to say "Piper" before this, but today she really seemed to get it and I happened to catch it on video! Wow, she's getting to be such a big girl!
Here's the video:
Olivia Says Piper!

Also, here is a picture of them just before I shot the video. Now that Olivia can pull herself up on the furniture it's harder for Piper to find a quiet place to nap. She could always go upstairs, but I think she's afraid she'll miss out on the opportunity for food if I feed Olivia while she is out of sight.

Olivia really loves Piper's tags. I think because they jingle and some of them are shiny. She yanks on them pretty hard sometimes and has even tried to put it in her mouth (gross). I feel sorry for Piper who is pretty patient with Olivia and I usually take off her collar before too long. Sometimes I just put it on the floor and then Olivia plays with it. Whatever keeps her happy I guess!


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