Olivia's First Halloween

Daddy and Olivia before heading to YC.
Mommy's favorite little girl!

Olivia was over taking pictures at this point.
Chewing on her "wand."

Tonight we got Olivia dressed in her Halloween outfit and went to York College to do some trick or treating on campus.  Olivia made it through a few floors of Thomas but quickly ran out of steam.  She did enjoy seeing Hadley and Zoey and waving her wand all over the place for a while.  We got home pretty close to her bedtime, ran over to see our next door neighbors really quick, and then put her straight to bed.  She passed right out.  It wasn't the most exciting Halloween ever, but we still had fun!


Aunt Barb said…
I love reading about all of Olivia's adventures. Awesome tutu, by the way. Looks like a very fun Halloween to me! Happy you're all doing so well. :)

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