Today was a momentous occasion for Olivia.  It's the first time she has worn shoes (pictures below)!  It's hard to believe she'll be 11 months old next week.  The past couple months have truly flown by.  I'm getting excited for her first birthday party.  We're mostly just inviting immediate family and even then we're going to have 20-some people so it's a good thing I reserved the fellowship hall at church.
Today when I put her in her jeans, t-shirt instead of onesie, and shoes it was like looking at a different child.  Only once have I ever been a little sad at how quickly she is growing up (a time involving putting away her preemie clothes - how could that not be emotional?).  I decided soon after she was born to try and just enjoy each day and each stage as much as possible and not wish she was younger or older.  I am amazed at how much I truly love this child.  She is the little brown haired, blue eyed wonder that I prayed for.  Every time she says "mama" I can't help but smile, even if it is when she is trying to keep herself awake in her crib instead of napping!  Olivia hasn't just captured my heart, she is my heart.

Attempting to learn to feed herself.  Good thing this is followed by bath time!

Our little multi-tasker doesn't want to take a break from playing to eat!
Playing with Uncle Tim's hat.
This is a onesie Aunt Michele and I dyed for Olivia.  I have a matching tank top.  If you look close you can see her teeth!

The first time Olivia has worn shoes!
She looks like such a big girl with jeans and shoes on!
Ready for church!
Crazy hair!  So adorable!


Stacia Hamidi said…
pretty much agree that she is so cute in her new shoes! :-) and I love the feeding herself photo, so funny how kids want to feed themselves but just seem to have trouble finding the mouth or not knowing you shouldnt touch your hair after sticking it in baby food!

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