Tutu: First Attempt!

Olivia's Halloween Tutu
Tonight I finally made a tutu for Olivia! It's going to look so cute on her with her black and purple striped babylegs! I have really wanted to do this for quite a while, ever since seeing the cute but super super expensive ones online. I looked up how to do it online and it was surprisingly easy. I do feel like there is a bit of a technique to it that I really only got down pat right at the end, but really it doesn't have to be perfect. I did manage to make a pattern and somehow didn't end up with too many of the same color in a row or anything without really preplanning it out. I am planning to make another one for Olivia's first birthday party and I'm sure I'll do it a little differently. One thing that will definitely be different is that I will NOT be using glitter tulle. It made a giant mess at my friend's house. I'm surprised there is any glitter left on the tulle considering the amount that came off all over me, the table, the floor, etc.! I'm hoping to find shimmer tulle in different shades of pink to match the first birthday onesie I bought on sale last month - hopefully that will be less messy.
I actually really enjoyed making it. So much so in fact that I'm thinking I may make all of my nieces tutus for Christmas this year. Olivia's tutu only cost about $7 to make (that's a guesstimate since I spent $15 but I have lots of materials left over) and only took me about 2 hours start to finish. I'd have to make bigger ones for my nieces, so more materials and time, but I think they all would love it. This isn't really the hobby I've been looking for necessarily (how many tutus does Olivia need anyway?) but it's a project that will give me a creative outlet for now.


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