Olivia's First X-Rays

Today we went to Lincoln for Olivia's 9 month doctor check-up.  She was 26 3/4 inches long and 17 lbs. 11.2 ounces.  She's a bit shorter than her doctor would have predicted considering Glenn and my height, but maybe she just takes after the Tandy women.  She's slowly gaining on the curve in her weight, very slowly, but that's better than dropping lower.  Her head circumference was 18 1/4 inches, which puts her in the 96th percentile for head size.  This explains why any onesies that don't have snaps or an adjustable neck won't go over her head.
Other than sitting up, Olivia has been doing well hitting her milestones for her actual age at this point.  In the last couple of days Olivia has been taking steps toward Glenn and I when we hold her hands!  Looks like we're going to have one of those kids that walks before she crawls.  The doctor and the nurse practitioner spent quite a bit of time with us assessing Olivia and they noticed that she has asymmetrical folds on her legs which can be an indicator for hip dysplasia.  That along with the fact that one of her legs seems to be a bit shorter than the other made them decide that it would be best to have Olivia's hips x-rayed (more on that later).  The nurse commented that it was a little hard to tell because Olivia's legs were so strong that she had a hard time keeping her stretched out.  She laughed a lot when they were moving her limbs around and checking her out, which was fun because the nurse, doctor, Glenn, and I couldn't help but crack up too.
Olivia loved kicking her doctor while he was trying to look in her ears, nose, and mouth.  She is constantly kicking at home so it wasn't much of a surprise to Glenn and I but the doctor seemed to think it was funny.  I'm glad he is so good humored!  The doctor told us she was right on track cognitively if not a little ahead for her actual age and that was comforting.  We went over some more exercises to do to try and help with the sitting up.  Olivia also completely ripped up the paper on the exam table twice and tried to eat it the second time.  She had a quick finger prick to check her iron levels but we fed her as soon as they did it and she didn't seem to notice.
After we finished at the pediatrician we drove directly to the imaging center, which I found out is a medical center where they just do things like x-rays and MRI's.  O's doctor told us we would be able to get in that day rather than having to make an appointment somewhere and have it take a week or more.  I was nervous that we were going to be there for hours though and while Olivia was hanging in there pretty good, I could tell she was getting worn out.  Surprisingly they moved us along very quickly and we were actually in and out in less than 30 minutes!  Olivia didn't mind having to be held down for the few seconds it took for each x-ray and I was grateful that I wasn't trying to restrain a screaming baby.
Olivia did well through our quick lunch at Jimmy John's (a special treat for my birthday), our trip to Hobby Lobby to get materials to make O a tutu for Halloween, and a run to my beloved Target.  We didn't take our time anywhere, but I knew it was getting on towards naptime and I was worried that it would get ugly on the way home.  I was right to worry this time.  Olivia screamed and cried for all but the last 15 minutes on the way home.  She did take a nap once we arrived but it wasn't much fun for any of us until she finally passed out.
It's been a long day and it will be hard to wait until next week to hear the results from the x-ray, but right now we are just happy to be home and that Olivia is doing as well as she is. 


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