Well, Here We Go!

I decided, like so many, that during pregnancy is a good time to start a blog. Hopefully we can keep friends and family updated on how things are progressing as well as what's going on in general. We do have lives outside of the pregnancy but it doesn't always feel like it. That being said, I really don't mind that much. I'm still just so thankful everyday that I was able to get pregnant and so far have a healthy pregnancy. It wasn't the easiest road, but well-worth it!

Just a word of advice for those of you with medical issues, especially regarding pregnancy and getting pregnant. If your doctor doesn't listen to you or is dismissive of your concerns, find a new doctor. Don't have many options where you live? Travel to where you do. Do I love having to drive an hour and a half to every appointment? Not so much. But if I had stayed with the doctor I was seeing in York to begin with, I wouldn't be pregnant at this point let alone 19 weeks along as of today. It's worth every drop of gas and minute in the car to have a good doctor!


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