Things My Dog Has Eaten - That She Wasn't Supposed To

Our dog should probably be dead from some of the things she has eaten. Note that she never does any of it in front of us and some of the things are things she has left alone for weeks only to gobble one evening while we are away. At least she has stopped eating non-food things for the most part as she's gotten older. Let's all hope that Glenn and I are better at baby-proofing than puppy-proofing.
Here is a list of some of the things she has eaten that she wasn't supposed to over the almost 5 years we have had her. Please to enjoy!

*****Ok, the list was getting way too long so I'm taking out all of the normal stuff, like pizza, and leaving in the stranger/more interesting items.

Glass Christmas bulbs and the wire hangers
Sticks of butter
NY Strip steak - raw
Half a loaf of whole wheat bread - twice
Two foot tall chocolate penguin that was supposed to be a gag gift
Dots candy
Blueberry muffins, paper liner and all
The do-not-eat packet that comes in beef jerky bags
Large milk chocolate Symphony bar
Turkish Delight from Albania
Half of a Green and Black's chocolate toffee bar
Hotpads and ovenmitts
6 Old Navy flip flops - not in their entirety
Skittles - grossest dog puke ever by the way, and it stains carpet
Part of a $20 bill - twice
Mini Reese's Peanutbutter Cups - with wrapper
Instruction manuel for The Sims 2
Fruit leather
Soccer cleats
Lots of things thrown out due to mold
And most recently, half a loaf of my favorite almond poppyseed bread made by my Aunt Barb


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