Two Months Old and My Little Loves

The picture is a little dark, but still so cute!
 Molly is now two months old!  We went to the pediatrician for her check up last week and found that she is officially taking after Olivia.  She was 5th percentile for height and weight and 90th for head - another lollipop baby!  She weighed just under 10 pounds.  The doctor said that she was tracking him with her eyes as well as a four month old.  She still doesn't smile tons but that could be due to some issues we are having with her not feeling her best (see below).  She did really well during her shots and even let us have a quick lunch at Famous Dave's afterward. 
We are still battling horrible diaper rash (now over four weeks!) but the doctor suggested a combination of a topical antibiotic, an anti-fungal, and Butt Paste brand diaper rash cream that seems to be working really well.  She also only wears a diaper while sleeping and is open to the air the rest of the time.  I even tried grapefruit seed extract but it didn't seem to help.  We also have had to put Molly on medicine for her horrible reflux.  She was really struggling during and after feedings and was spitting up a lot.  Between the milk protein issues, diaper rash, and reflux poor Molly can't catch a break.  I'm praying and hoping that we can get everything resolved soon.
Olivia was not as well behaved as she is really hitting the terrible twos big time lately.  She can be so sweet and helpful one minute and then a demon child the next.  Thankfully she is not aggressive towards Molly at all.  In fact, she still seems to really love Molly and loves playing that her cabbage patch kid is a baby like Molly - including feeding, burping, and swaddling her, giving her a bath (when Mama was busy with Molly) and putting diaper rash cream on the doll's bum.  In case you were wondering, cabbage patch dolls take a while to dry out.

I just love them!


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