Olivia's Prayer

Olivia's prayers are generally pretty entertaining, but I really enjoyed one from yesterday.  Last night at 11:30 when I was feeding Molly we heard Olivia singing loudly to herself in her room.  Glenn went in to tell her to quiet down - she was singing "Happy Birthday."  He asked her what she was doing.  She stopped singing and told him that she needed to find her phone (a pink plush phone that is technically Molly's).  He asked why she needed her phone and she replied, "To talk to God!"  Well, Glenn helped her find the phone in her mess of covers and this is what she said:
"Dear God, Thank you for Momma, Trader Joe's, Tim (a friend of the family), Curtis (Tim's brother), Tim's hat, Curtis' hat, Daddy's hard hat...Amen!  Bye God!"

Momma and then Trader Joe's?  I love this kid!


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