Name for #2

After a lot of deliberation and searching and more deliberation, we have finally decided on a name and are going public!

Molly Josephine Tandy

My great-grandmother's name was Josephine and my grandfather's middle name is Joseph so this is to honor my side of the family (Olivia's middle name came from Glenn's side after his mom and sister). 

We may or may not call her Molly Jo...kinda waiting to see if it comes naturally.  :)  I originally thought we might call Olivia by the nickname "Liv" or "Livy" but we've ended up calling her a lot of non-related nicknames (Glenn calls her "doodle" or "wackadoodle") instead so I guess you just never know.


Stacia Hamidi said…
I LOVE IT! Miss Molly! :) Can't wait to put a face to her cute name.
City Share said…
I love the name Molly and Josephine. I have a couple of friends with Josephines. One is French and they call her Josephine, but the other is American and they call her Josie.

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