Olivia's 2 Year Pics and #2 Update

It's been a little crazy around here lately.  Between celebrating Olivia's second birthday and having her pictures done, doing an Usborne book show, and doctors appointments I feel like we have been running all over the place!  On the plus side since going off of the progesterone I feel much better and all of this running around hasn't worn me out too much.
Baby #2 is doing really well.  Everything looked great at my visit - my blood pressure, the baby's heartbeat, etc.  Here is a terrible quality picture of he or she - it's a picture of the ultrasound picture taken off of Glenn's phone, posted on facebook, and then saved again to post here.  We really need to get those things scanned.

I love how you can see the spine!
In a couple weeks I will be starting progesterone again - a different kind they call 17P - that is supposed to lower my chances of having another preemie significantly.  It has to be injected and is painful.  While I'm not looking forward to it, I know it will be worth it if we can make it full-term this time!  I will also be seeing the doctor more often this time and having cervical ultrasounds.  This is definitely more complicated this time around since I can't really take Olivia along to the appointments and they are almost two hours away from our house.  Thankfully we have some great family members that are good about keeping Olivia for me.

A girl I went to college with has started a photography business so we decided to have Olivia get official professional pictures (aka not a family member) for the first time.  Summer was great to work with but the biggest thing is that Olivia was super cooperative!  It was cold and very windy but we gave her a couple of treats and let her warm up with Glenn in his coat a few times and she made it through.  Here are a few of my favorites.
This is SO Olivia.

Is it just me or is she suddenly a big girl?  I can't believe it's been two years since she came into the world.  I love this kid.


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