Glucose Test

I had a two hour glucose test today - ick.  I had to do it early thanks to my insulin issues.  I am so happy to have passed!  It would have really put a damper on Thanksgiving if I had to be super careful about every little thing I eat.  I have to do another when I'm farther along in my pregnancy but it should just be the one hour test.
One bad note, my really good vein in the crook of my arm (that I nicknamed "Old Faithful" - I have a lot of bloodwork done) has finally given up on me.  Too much scar tissue I guess.  So now I have to always have a butterfly thingy and they have to take it out of my hand or wrist which is far more painful that having done in my arm.  Pray that I won't have to do a lot more bloodwork and that when c-section time comes they can find a good vein!


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