Yellowstone Bible Camp

This year we were able to attend Yellowstone Bible Camp in Montana for the first time.  We took a charter bus for 2 days to get there along with lots of family and friends.  We shared a real log cabin with Harold, Deena, Robert, Katie, Wesley, and Wyatt (and the Knapps for the last two nights because of ants in their cabin).  The camp itself is in the mountains and is so beautiful.  A clear and cold creek ran right outside of our cabin and the sound of it rushing over rocks lulled us to sleep every night.  We got to go to Yellowstone National Park on our free day and saw lots of animals and neat sights.  We picked wild strawberries and raspberries one afternoon.  We played games in the lodge after the kids went to bed.  Olivia got to play with her cousins and Malachi all the time and she loved it.  We had an absolute blast and hope we can go again in two years! 
I had a hard time choosing which pictures to post because we took a ton, but here are a few favorites.

Olivia sitting out in front of our cabin.
Our log cabin - the Cottonwood!  I loved staying here.

Falls at Yellowstone
Hot springs

Lake and mountains
We got Olivia a Park Ranger Moose to bring home.  We named it Mr. Manymuch Moosen (Moosen for short), after a skit from our favorite comic, Brian Regan.
Playing games in the lodge.
Sammie came out to visit us one day.  Olivia LOVED her!

Trying to take a picture of the kids sitting on the front steps of our cabin...
Up in the mountains - don't worry, we took bear spray!
Glenn and me
Wild strawberries!  So tiny, but so delicious!
Olivia and Wesley share a bedtime snack of grapes.
Wesley and Olivia playing outside our cabin one chilly morning.
Olivia, Wesley, and Malachi bouncing on the bed and looking out the window in our room.

Grandpa, Grandma, and Olivia all passed out on the way home!


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